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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I hope this email finds you and your family well! The 2022 legislative session began on Monday, January 10. It's going to be a busy, fast-paced 60 days.

We live in unprecedented times as the response to the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our daily lives. I've heard from many of you how upset and frustrated you are that we remain under the mandates of the governor, and the fact that he's the only person making all the decisions on your behalf. I want you to know I hear your voices loud and clear. I stand beside you as we demand change, accountability, and a return to normalcy.

With that being said, the beginning weeks of the 2022 session will be virtual once again. I believe there are ways we can conduct the people's work in a safe and healthy manner, but nonetheless conduct that work in-person. I will continue to fight to bring the people's voice and work back to Olympia where it belongs. However, I don't want the shadow of the pandemic, and the way we continue to conduct business behind the screens of our computers, to discourage you. Please continue to reach out to my office, and I encourage you to stay active and involved in the legislative process.

2022 legislative priorities | I want to hear from YOU!

There are many life-altering issues in front of the Legislature this session. In this e-newsletter, I will highlight several of the areas that are at the top of my priority list. Before I get started, I'd like to know what you believe the Legislature's top priorities should be this session. I would appreciate if you would take a few minutes to complete the following survey. To provide your input, please click on the photo below, or click here.

Your voice, thoughts, and opinions are what drive the work I do on your behalf as your State Representative. Thank you for taking this survey.

My 2022 legislative priorities

My priorities during the 2022 legislative session surround the topic areas of:

Public safety

Washington communities continue to face the challenges of chronic homelessness, the increases in addiction and overdose, the increase in crime and murder rates, and many untreated mental health needs. Unfortunately, the majority party's ineffective and destructive policies have made these problems worse and left our law enforcement professionals without needed support. If communities are going to have an opportunity to thrive, we must develop solutions that effectively address the root causes of these problems.

My sponsored legislation includes:

  • House Bill 1634 – Clarifying the authority of law enforcement officers to acquire, possess, and use certain firearms and ammunition
  • House Bill 1678 – Creating a domestic violence offender registry
  • House Bill 1873 – Concerning crimes involving catalytic converters
  • House Bill 1960 – Concerning the housing of inmates in state correctional facilities

Public safety is also one of the top priorities for my colleagues in the House Republican Caucus. We have introduced the Republican 'Safe Washington' Plan: Prioritizing public safety, supporting law enforcement, and preventing crime. The substantive package of legislation within this plan provides corrections and solutions to a series of issues that have jeopardized public safety.

Election integrity and fairness

Election integrity in our state's election process is another one of my top priorities. I believe there is a way to ensure fairness in our election system for every person seeking public office.

My sponsored legislation includes:

  • House Bill 1778 – Ensuring the security and integrity of elections
  • House Bill 1884 – Concerning independent forensic election audits at the direction of the Legislature

On day one of the 2022 session, all of last year's bills which did not pass the Legislature were reintroduced in their house of origin under Concurrent Resolution 4405. Therefore, these bills I sponsored last year are still active.

  • House Bill 1003 – Requiring watermarks on mail-in ballots
  • House Bill 1360 – Concerning counted mailed ballots that are missing postmarks
  • House Bill 1361 – Concerning the timely mailing of ballots by county auditors
  • House Bill 1377 – Ending vote by mail and restoring in-person voting at polling places

Other issues and bills of importance

It is not easy being in the minority in Olympia. Much of my work is fighting back against bad policy that is brought forward by the majority party. I want you to know that I am also FIGHTING FOR you, your children, and your families. This session is no different.

My sponsored legislation includes:

  • HB 1636 – Reducing property taxes for gold star families
  • HB 1680 – Recognizing the lasting immune protection resulting from recovery from COVID-19
  • HB 1886 – Prohibiting the teaching of critical race theory and related curricula in public schools
  • HB 1887 – Removing barriers to children participating in sports practices and competitions
  • HB 1968 – Preserving medical autonomy in school and promoting local authority

I know all of us don't always agree on everything all the time, but please know, I still value hearing from you! I enjoy our respectful dialogues, even when we don't agree on the issue. I always welcome any feedback or thoughts on my priorities and the solutions I have introduced, or anything else I've mentioned in this e-newsletter.

Stay connected!

The links below are good resources to keep you up-to-date and informed.

Stay in touch!

Throughout the legislative session, I hope you will take the time to stay in touch with me. I look forward to working with you and for YOU!

Thank you again for the opportunity and the honor to serve you, your family, and our communities as your State Representative.

May God richly bless you all!


Brad Klippert

State Representative Brad Klippert, 8th Legislative District
122A Legislative Building | P.O. Box 40600 | Olympia, WA 98504-0600
(509) 317-8471 | Toll-free: (800) 562-6000