Tri-Cities’ lawmakers call on feds to use new Hanford cleanup approach

It's time to explore new, innovative ways to speedup cleanup and cut costs at the Hanford Site near the Tri Cities according to the Republican state lawmakers who represent the area. Tracy Ellis explains.

 Radio Report Transcript

ELLIS: 8th Dist. Sen. Sharon Brown and Reps. Brad Klippert and Matt Boehnke (BANK-ee) say one idea is to stop treating all waste as if it emits high levels of radioactivity — even when it doesn't. Sen. Brown:

BROWN: “Something that is really appealing to me about using this alternative is that it is already being used at another site. It's being used successfully at the Savannah River site in South Carolina.”

ELLIS: Representative Klippert says this safe, science-driven approach would significantly reduce costs and shorten cleanup timelines.

KLIPPERT: “We just want them to be open to new and innovative cost reduction processes that will help us get this Hanford waste cleaned up at the earliest time at the least cost to the federal government because that's taxpayer dollars.”

ELLIS: I'm Tracy Ellis.


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