House lawmakers honor the Washington National Guard

The state House of Representatives took time from its busy schedule Wednesday to honor the men and women of the Washington National Guard. John Sattgast reports from Olympia.

 Radio Report Transcript

SATTGAST (:59) As Guard members looked on from the chamber gallery, the House passed a resolution commending the Washington National Guard, which was founded in 1855 while Washington was still a territory.

Kennewick Republican Representative Brad Klippert is a 28-year veteran of military service. Klippert is a helicopter pilot and holds the rank of commander in the Army National Guard.
KLIPPERT (:31) “Many have laid down their lives and paid the ultimate sacrifice as members of the National Guard for the freedoms that you and I enjoy every single day. My buttons are popping with pride as my fellow service members are in the gallery today and up there at the rostrum with you. You know, they serve us at home, and when everyone else is running away from the emergency, they're running towards it. So I say thank you, thank you, thank you, to the members of the National Guard and the Washington State Guard who are ready and willing to answer the call whenever it comes.”

SATTGAST: House Resolution 4620 honoring the guard members and their families was approved unanimously. John Sattgast, Olympia.


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