Governor signs DUI legislation

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CONTACT: Jennifer Hansen, Senior Public Information Officer | 360-786-7720

Governor signs DUI legislation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEJuly 18, 2013CONTACT: Kurt Hammond, Public Information Officer– (509) 664-4055

Governor signs DUI legislation; Klippert pleased, but already working on the next steps

Rep. Brad Klippert was in attendance and stood in support of stronger driving under the influence (DUI) laws in Washington today as the governor signed Senate Bill 5912.

The legislation requires sobriety monitoring for repeat offenders who commit DUI and physical control offenses, requires community custody supervision for felony-level DUI offenders, modifies provisions on negligent driving, and mandatory arrests/booking of repeat offenders. It also changes ignition interlock device (IIDs) requirements, requires IIDs as a condition of release, and provides for consideration of vehicle forfeiture for IID violations.

However, Klippert feels more can be done and is already working on stronger legislation for next year's session.

“I am pleased we have taken this step forward.  As I stated when we passed the bill off the House floor, we could have made this legislation stronger, protected many more innocent lives and kept more DUI offenders off the roads,” said Klippert, R-Kennewick. “I believe the legislation the governor signed today will save lives, but I truly believe there is much more we can do to protect the innocent, and I have already filed legislation that will help us accomplish that goal.”

Klippert, who is the lead on public safety issues for the House Republican Caucus, introduced three bills at the end of the second special session. The bills are:

  • House Bill 2083 – would require all DUI offenders to be arrested, booked and put on a six-hour hold;
  • House Bill 2084 – would make it a felony on the fourth DUI conviction, instead of on the fifth DUI conviction, under current law; and
  • House Bill 2085 – would eliminate the “10-year look back” for felony DUIs, so the fourth DUI in a lifetime would be a felony DUI, instead of the fourth DUI within 10 years.

He will also be participating in a workgroup during the interim created under Senate Bill 5912.


PHOTO CAPTION: Rep. Brad Klippert (far right, who is also a Benton County Sherriff's deputy) participates in the signing of Senate Bill 5912 that strengthens Washington's DUI laws.


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