Klippert bill providing public safety measures for Department of Corrections passes House

A bill that would exempt the Washington State Department of Corrections (DOC) from disclosing information collected and contained in their security threat group database has passed the House of Representatives unanimously.

House Bill 1715 protects the department from disclosing confidential information on groups that pose a threat to DOC facilities, residents and personnel that currently could be made available under a public records request. Rep. Brad Klippert, who sponsored the bill, said it is an important public safety issue.

“This measure would allow the department to collect, analyze and evaluate any data associated with groups who pose a threat to the department, facilities or any of its personnel,” said Klippert, R-Kennewick, “It also allows them to exempt this information because under the Public Records Act this information could be obtained by those same groups who could use this information to pose a security threat.”

The legislation would allow DOC to maintain and monitor a database of the more violent prisoners, especially those associated with criminal activity, and others who may pose a threat to DOC. Gang violence and criminal activity has been problematic in some of the correctional facilities. Half of all violence in the prisons is committed by criminal gang activity.

House Bill 1715 now heads to the Senate for consideration.


Washington State House Republican Communications