Rep. Klippert issues end of session statement

The Washington State Legislature adjourned Sine Die March 8, without addressing the approximate $1.1 billion operating budget shortfall.

Rep. Brad Klippert, R-Kennewick, issued the following statement:

“I truly hope the public is paying attention to what is going on in Olympia. We are going to have our fifth special session in two years. One-party control is not working. In the past two years the majority party has not been able to pass a single sustainable, fiscally responsible budget that puts long-term reforms into place.

“The citizens of Washington state have had to weather the economic storm and budget accordingly. We are not seeing that same level of responsibility and accountability out of the majority party.

“The House Republican Caucus was able to offer a sensible solution. We introduced a budget that not only would address the budget shortfall, but it would put our children first, by appropriately funding and prioritizing education; it would preserve funding for public safety, and protect our most vulnerable citizens. Our proposal is done within existing revenues, which are actually up about two billion dollars this biennium.

“At the very least, our taxpayers deserve a budget that provides a sense of stability, security and predictability; a budget that does not push our shortfall into the next biennium for the next Legislature to solve.”

Lawmakers will have 30 days to complete their work once the special session begins.

Kurt Hammond, Public Information Officer, (360) 786-7794


Washington State House Republican Communications