Rep. Klippert votes against spending proposal passed by House majority party

Spending plan makes no long-term reforms, pushes budget shortfall into next biennium

Rep. Brad Klippert, R-Kennewick, released the following statement today regarding the Democrat budget passing the House of Representatives:

“We came to Olympia this legislative session needing to complete only one major task – pass a sustainable, fiscally-responsible budget. The spending plan passed by the House today does not do that. It provides no stability, predictability or security for our state's financial future. It lacks proper priorities and pushes our budget shortfall into the next budget cycle, kicking our budget woes “down the road.” It sets a poor example to the people of this great state who have had to budget properly through this difficult economy. Washington State's citizens have tightened their belts and budgeted accordingly and we, their legislature, should have done the same; but this budget use “shell games” to move money around and hide government inefficiencies to portray the appearance of a balanced budget.

House Republicans crafted and submitted a predictable, sustainable budget proposal. We drafted a plan that would preserve public safety, protect programs for our most vulnerable and fund education first. We were able to show it can be done without raising taxes and pay our fiscal responsibilities on time. The hardworking taxpayers of Washington deserve to see a budget that is accountable and sets proper priorities – not a budget that puts funding environmental protections and the Department of Ecology ahead of people.

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Washington State House Republican Communications