Klippert expresses disappointment with budget fix and special session

The Washington State Legislature has passed HB 2058, a partial budget solution to the state's daunting $2 billion budget shortfall. Rep. Brad Klippert, R-Kennewick, opposed the bill and issued the following statement:

“I am disappointed. The taxpayers of Washington should be disappointed. If this partial budget fix is all that we can come up with to address our budget shortfall, we are in trouble. We have known for many months our fiscal situation needed to be addressed. The governor gave us plenty of time to prepare and come up with some solutions. Yet, we adjourned early and solved very little.

“There seemed to be no urgency to fix the budget, we put off the difficult decisions until next session, and there was no discussion about our list of reforms designed to spur the private sector and get Washington working again.

“While I am pleased to see some cuts made, though minimal, I could not support the bill. It used the same budget gimmicks the majority party has used in the past, such as fund transfers and sweeping funds from other accounts. The longer we wait to address our shortfall, the decisions become more difficult and we lose the opportunity for savings. Families and individuals will suffer the consequences of the Legislature's inaction.”

The early action items total about $480 million and include fund transfers, some spending reductions and delayed payments.

The partial budget fix passed 86-8 in the House and 42-6 in the Senate. The regular session is scheduled to begin Monday, Jan. 9.

Kurt Hammond, Public Information Officer, (360) 786-7794


EDITOR'S NOTE: Audio comments from floor speech attached.


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