Benton City girl serves as page in Legislature

Kaitlyn Landoe, an 8th grader at Kiona-Benton Middle School, recently served as a page in the Washington State House of Representatives. She is the 14-year-old daughter of Sig and Terri Landoe of Benton City, and was sponsored during her week in Olympia by 8th District Rep. Brad Klippert.

As a page, Kaitlyn was responsible for delivering messages and documents to legislators in their offices, committee hearings and the House chamber during floor sessions. In addition to her assigned duties, she also continued her regular studies for two hours a day, and attended page school learning about state government.

“In my role as resource officer at Kiona-Benton Middle School, I get to know a lot of the students, and Kaitlyn is one of the young people who really stands out,” said Klippert, R-Kennewick. “She's on the Honor Role, plays on the volleyball and softball teams, and always has a cheerful attitude. I appreciate her willingness to come over to the Capitol to serve the state and community. She did a fantastic job and it was a pleasure to be her sponsor.”

Young men and women have come to Olympia to serve as legislative pages since 1891. To become a page, a student must have a grade-point average of C+ or better and obtain permission from their parents and school. Applicants must also have a legislative sponsor.

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Representative Klippert and Page: Kaitlyn Landoe


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