State House approves Klippert transportation bill

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State House approves Klippert transportation bill

The state House of Representatives Monday passed legislation sponsored by 8th District lawmaker Brad Klippert that would remove the state's prohibition on saddle-mounted truck combinations of more than 75 feet. House Bill 1358 would bring Washington in line with federal regulations, allowing 97 feet.

A saddle-mount combination is one in which a truck tractor tows one or more truck tractors. The trucks are linked together with only the first vehicle having both its front and rear wheels on the ground. On the other trucks, only the rear wheels touch the ground, the front resting on the truck preceding it. Two vehicles towed in this manner are called a “double saddle-mount combination.”  In the case of three vehicles, the arrangement is termed a “triple saddle-mount combination.”

In his floor remarks before the vote, Klippert said changing the overall length limit would have multiple benefits, including reducing highway traffic and improving the economy.

“Longer truck combinations mean lower costs for trucking companies, less traffic, less wear and tear on our highways, and less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere,” said Klippert, R-Kennewick, noting that there would be no negative fiscal impact to the state.

The measure passed the House unanimously and will now be considered by the Senate.

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