Klippert’s public facilities district bill heads to governor

Measure could open the door to future financing of Tri-Cities' projects

The House of Representatives has given final approval and sent to the governor a bill that would allow public facilities districts (PFDs) in the same geographical area to form a super PFD for the financing of regional projects.

House Bill 2299, prime-sponsored by Rep. Brad Klippert, passed the House Thursday, 93-2.

“This measure would allow public facilities districts to come together and pool their resources to pay for projects that individually they could not afford to do alone. There's absolutely no fiscal impact to the state,” said Klippert, R-Kennewick.

Klippert said a 2006 study identified at least 18 potential projects in the Tri-Cities which could be funded by a “super PFD.” Topping that list would be a regional aquatics center and a performing arts center.

“Once the regional public facilities district identifies a project to be funded, it would be put out to a vote of the people within those communities. Voters would get the final say,” said Klippert.

The bill was returned to the House after the Senate made a small change, noted Klippert.

“The Senate amendment simply says that the public facilities districts must create a competitive solicitation process for personal service contracts of $150,000 or more,” he added.

While the Legislature is in session, the governor has five days after she has received the measure, excluding Sundays, to sign, veto, or allow the legislation to become law without her signature.

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