Governor signs bill adding judges to Benton County District Court

Senate-approved measure identical to Klippert's legislation

The Benton County District Court will be receiving some relief in the form of two additional judges following the governor's signature of legislation today that was guided through the House of Representatives by Rep. Brad Klippert.

Senate Bill 5102 would increase the capacity of the Benton County District Court from three judges to five. Klippert had introduced the identical companion legislation, House Bill 1204, in the House, and worked to ensure passage of the Senate measure. He said the additional judges are greatly needed in Benton County.

“It's very good that this is happening because one judge has just retired from the bench. In the last seven years, the caseload has grown in the Benton County District Court by nearly 44 percent,” said Klippert, R-Kennewick. “This legislation is excellent. It is really going to help the court and ensure a speedy trial so that justice is served. I'm very excited that we were able to shepherd this legislation through the process.”

The measure will take effect in 90 days.


Washington State House Republican Communications