Klippert’s public facilities bill clears Senate committee

Measure would allow cities to combine resources to build local facilities

Rep. Brad Klippert's bill that would allow multiple contiguous cities to form a single public facilities district (PFD) to pay for a regional project or projects, cleared another hurdle today with passage by the Senate Government and Operations Committee.

Under House Bill 2299, a single super PFD that could be formed in the Tri-Cities that would give the municipalities greater financing abilities to construct facilities that could benefit the entire region.

“This legislation will have zero impact to the state budget. Yet, the citizens of a geographical area would be able to pool their resources by combining public facilities districts. For instance, if there's a project they would like to build in a community, but it could not be afforded by one district, this bill would allow PFDs to come together and use all of their resources,” said Klippert, R-Kennewick. “They would send their PFD representatives to meet together and decide on a project they feel would be beneficial to the community and its citizens. Then they would send it to the voters to make a final decision.”

Tim Schellberg, an attorney with a law firm representing the cities of Pasco, Richland and Kennewick, said all three cities support the bill.

“This allows them to collaborate and build an efficient project at no cost to the state,” said Shellberg.

Also testifying in favor of Klippert's bill was Rep. Laura Grant-Herriot, D-Walla Walla.

The measure now goes to the Senate Rules Committee for further consideration.


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