House approves Klippert’s bill to add two new Benton County District Court judges

Measure would help reduce court backlog

The House of Representatives today approved a measure sponsored by Rep. Brad Klippert that would provide for two additional Benton County District Court judges.

“I'm excited today about this bill. This is an excellent opportunity for the Legislature to ensure the right to a speedy trial for the citizens of Washington. It simply changes the number of district court judges to be elected in Benton County from three to five,” said Klippert, R-Richland. “There would be no impact on the state budget and it would help to eliminate the backlog of cases, thereby increasing efficiency and functionality of the Benton County District Court.”

House Bill 1204 was the first measure prime-sponsored by Klippert to pass the House. In a long-standing tradition, lawmakers stood to vocally declare their opposition, tongue-in-cheek, to the freshman lawmaker's first bill. They began to vote against the measure, but changed their votes at the last moment. Klippert was then congratulated on passing his first legislation. The final vote was 96-1.

The measure now goes to the Senate for further consideration.


Washington State House Republican Communications