Klippert, House pay tribute to Washington National Guard

Kennewick lawmaker notes Guard sacrifices ensure America's freedom

The House of Representatives today approved a resolution co-sponsored by Rep. Brad Klippert honoring the men and women of the Washington National Guard. The resolution paid tribute to the men and women of the Guard and their families “who have dedicated their time, their resources, and their lives to ensure the future and well-being of the citizens of Washington state.”

Klippert, who has served for more than 20 years in the Army National Guard and Reserve, said he has seen firsthand the positive difference the Guard has made both nationally and in other countries.

“I served in Haiti as a helicopter pilot. The people there were living in very poor conditions. We took a packaged pole building and flew it up into a mountainous region of Haiti. There were no roads that could handle delivery of this package. We brought in this building and set it up as a school for the local villagers,” said Klippert, R-Kennewick.

“We also did the same with another building that was set up as a hospital. I think of the lives that were saved because of that hospital. I think of how young children were able to get an education because of that school,” he added. “These are the differences the Guard makes that you don't hear about.”

Representatives of the Washington National Guard were present in the House chambers when the resolution was considered, including Major General Timothy J. Lowenberg, adjutant general and commander of the Washington Army and Air National Guard.

“Nearly 24 hundred of our National Guard men and women from Washington state, including more than 56 from my home area of Benton County, are deployed overseas,” noted Klippert. “Freedom is not free. It comes with a price. The men and women of the Guard are giving themselves — making sacrifices — and their families and employers are making sacrifices, so that each of us can remain free.”

Lawmakers unanimously approved the measure, House Resolution 4602.


Washington State House Republican Communications