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My efforts will be focused on balancing the state budget without raising taxes. The key to getting Washington back on the road to economic recovery is to get the unemployed working again. That means reducing unnecessary regulations and helping foster the full potential of businesses to be successful. We must support good teachers who can help young people receive the best possible education. With extensive experience in law enforcement, I am also committed to stronger public safety laws and keeping criminals behind bars.

I am honored and excited to be working for you and representing the 8th District. Please contact my office any time you have questions, comments or ideas about state government.

Rep. Brad Klippert
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Working and fighting for YOU!

Focusing on stronger public safety laws and keeping criminals behind bars

We should be doing everything we can to empower law enforcement professionals to keep our families and communities safe rather than encourage criminal behavior. We need to continue to stand and work together in solidarity, engage in ongoing critical discussions, and reach our shared goals of transparency and accountability in our criminal justice system.

Moving forward in correcting unintended consequences of flawed anti-police laws

Empowering parents by providing transparency and flexibility to help their children succeed

I believe transparency is crucial to ensuring trust in our K-12 education system. Parents deserve a say in their children’s education and have a right to know what is being taught in the classroom. They also deserve the financial and educational flexibility necessary for school choice to become a reality.

Honoring parents and families through House Resolution 4649

Access for children with special needs and disabilities

Parents across Washington are experiencing a child care access crisis. Accessible child care is an issue for working-class families in every corner of our region and across our state. It is even more difficult for parents with children who have disabilities to find child care options to accommodate their particular needs. I want to help increase the availability, affordability, and accessibility.

Learn more about my real solution to an increasing problem

Ensuring fairness in our election system

Election integrity in our state’s election process is another one of my top priorities. I believe there is a way to ensure fairness in our election system for every person seeking public office.

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Meet Brad Klippert

Rep. Brad Klippert was born and raised in Sunnyside, Washington. He has served in the state House since 2008. He is passionate about his faith, family, and his country and state. Brad holds a master’s degree in Teaching from City University in Tacoma. He has taught at the elementary,...

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